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My interests include landscaping with native plants, climate change and hydrology. Please check out my websites at: and

My bio at NOAA NWS follows:

1976-1979 Kansas City River Forecast Center, Hydrologist, intern

1979-2006 North Central River Forecast Center (NCRFC), Senior Hydrologist

Major floods forecast: 1979, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2004

Office move, 1995 from Minneapolis, MN to Chanhassen, MN

Chain of command while at NOAA NWS NCRFC:

Year 2000

William Clinton, US President (elected 1992, 1996)
Al Gore US Vice President (elected 1992, 1996)
William Daley, Commerce Sec.
James Baker, NOAA Dir,
Jack Kelly, Ret. General NWS Dir.
John Jones, NWS Deputy Director, DC
Richard Augulis, NWS Central Region Dir., KC MO
Jack May, NWS Acting Central Region Dir. KC, MO
Dennis McCarthy, NWS Central Region Dir. KC, MO
Dean Braatz, NCRFC Hydrologist in Charge, Chahassen MN
John Halquist, NCRFC Dev. and Oper. Hydrologist, Chanhassen MN

Chain of command while at NOAA NWS NCRFC:
Years 2001-2005

George W. Bush, US President (Elected 2000, 2004)
Richard Cheney, US Vice President (Elected 2000, 2004)
Carlos M. Gutierrez, Comm. Sec.
Norman Minnenta, Comm. Sec.

Conrad Lautenbacher, Ret. Vice Admiral, NOAA Dir.
John Mahoney NOAA DDir. & Dir.US Climate Change Science Program
Jack Kelly, Ret. General, NOAA Deputy Dir. 2005
Jack Kelly, Ret. General, NWS Dir. 1998-2003
David L.Johnson, Ret. General, NWS Dir. 2004-2005
John Jones, NWS Deputy Dir.
Dennis McCarthy, NOAA NWS Services 2005
Dennis McCarthy, NWS Central Region Dir. KC MO 2000-2004
Gary Foltz, NWS Central Region Acting Dirr, KC MO, 2005
Michael Looney, NWS Central Region Acting Dep. Dir., KCMO, 2005
Daniel Luna, NCRFC Hydrologist in Charge, Chanhassen MN
John Halquist, NCRFC Dev. and Oper. Hydrologist, Chahassen MN

Career links:

Global warming, Climate change & hydrology, Minnesota views, at:

Sept. 2003 Paper on Snowmelt Runoff for Rivers in MN, WI and ND, at:

U.S. Newswire Press Release Oct. 2003:

Spoke out about failures of gov agencies (NOAA NWS and WI DNR) on climate change and global warming.

Awarded 30 year retirement in 2006 by NWS C.R. for "30 years of Certificate of Loyal Service to the government of the United States".


For Dr. James Hansen Files & Links of Interest go to:

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